School District Announces Establishment of Sue Jolly Award

Sue-Jolly-2The Edgefield County School District has announced the creation of an honor to be bestowed upon a member of the Mock Trial Team of Strom Thurmond High School each year. The “Sue Jolly Award” is being established in honor of long time educator Sue Jolly who was the founder of the Mock Trial Program at Strom Thurmond High School.

Strom Thurmond High School has participated in the Mock Trial Competition since its inception in 1983. At that time, Sue Jolly, being a teacher at Strom Thurmond, wanted the school to participate in the competition. Mrs. Jolly organized the team, held practice sessions and received advice from local attorney Greg Anderson. It did not take long for the team to gain state wide recognition as it won the State Championship in 1984, 1985 and 1987. The team has finished as runner up on many occasions since that time until it won the State Championship again last year. The team finished third in the State this year. Without a doubt, the Strom Thurmond Mock Trial Team has earned the reputation as being one of the best in the state each year.

Since Sue Jolly was instrumental in the establishment of the team and laid the foundation for its winning ways and future success, Superintendent Greg Anderson announced that the school district has established an award that will be given each year to a member of the team who possesses the qualities and characteristics of which Sue Jolly would be proud. This award will appropriately be called the “Sue Jolly Award” in memory of and out of respect for the teacher who took the time to make this event a reality.

Anderson commented “Mrs. Jolly was truly a legend in her own time. She loved teaching and was passionate about her work. She always found time to listen to every student and she treated everyone the same regardless of who you were. In this regard, she was ahead of her time.”

Anderson further commented that many students saw Mrs. Jolly not only as a fantastic teacher but she was a mother figure to everyone as well. “It is impossible to find the right words to describe the kind of teacher Sue Jolly was. It is only fitting that we are reminded each year who was responsible for getting us started and doing so in a championship fashion. It is also important that the students remember the person responsible for this great legacy” Anderson concluded.

Mrs. Jolly passed away several years ago. Surviving are her well known brother, Dr. Wiley H. Turner, Jr. (now retired) and her three sons, Daniel Jolly, Joel Jolly and Rankin Jolly. All three of her children reside in Edgefield. The Jolly family has always supported education in Edgefield County. Joel Jolly currently serves as the chairman of the Foundation for Public Schools in Edgefield County and he is also one of its original founders.

The first winner of this award was announced on Honors and Awards Day which was held at Strom Thurmond High School on May 13, 2013.

Award Recipient

The first recipient of the Sue Jolly Award was named at the Strom Thurmond High School Honors Program, May 13.  She is Kaitlyn Pugh.  Presenting the award was a son of Mrs. Jolly, Joel Jolly (head of the foundations established by the Edgefield School District).  Also attending were: Mrs. Jolly’s son Daniel Jolly and her brother Dr. Buddy Turner.