Students and Faculty of STHS Thank Parents

Dear Editor:

April was Parent Volunteer Month at Strom Thurmond High School and the faculty and students would like to thank a special group of parents who put hours of hard work into making this year’s prom a success.  The theme for the prom was “Midnight in Paris” and the parents of the prom committee made sure that our students experienced a “night in Paris” that they will never forget.  Our parent group consisted of Michele Wilson, Janice Bass, Dina Biddlecome, Margaret Childress, Vickie Timmerman, Willette Johnson, Nancy Wates, and Donna Sherman.  The group was lead by Donna Sherman.  Mrs. Sherman and the other parents did not only work on prom details daily for the month of April but they also worked for 6 months prior to our April 20th prom in order to ensure that the prom was perfect in every way.  Strom Thurmond has always been known for its family atmosphere; the parent commitment and involvement in this endeavor is just more proof that it a takes an entire family to make a successful “home.”   Thank you again, parents, for making our “school-home” a fun place as well as a place in which we can be proud.

The Students and Faculty of Strom Thurmond High School