Concern Over Planned Wood Pellet Plant

Dear Editor:

The continuing saga of the Enova Energy Group in the September issue of the Greenville newspaper published on Sept. 19, 2012: the Enova group announced that they were planning to construct a wood pellet facility on Hwy. 121. Construction was to begin in the first quarter of 2013. Obviously, that did not happen. Now, let’s assume that construction will begin in the near future. The goal of Enova is to produce 500,000 tons (not a typo) of wood pellets annually and ship them by rail to Savannah if. If they intend to haul logs by truck through Trenton and Johnston my mathematical pal said that would require well over a hundred trucks daily seven days a week. I was told regardless of how the community felt, some manufacturing factory could build on the mentioned Hwy 121 property because it was already zoned General Development. This would allow some industrial companies to locate there without community involvement. I was told and I know that we already have a recycling plant across the road from where the new facility would be located. If anybody is interested you can view a wood pellet facility at It’s quite a bit different from the recycling plant. The only recourse I can see is community sentiment at the next council meeting.

Bill Baron