Gate At Mount of Olives In Need of Repair

Gate At Mount of Olives In Need of Repair

mount-of-Olives-sans-gateRecently, the arch over the gate at Mount of Olives Cemetery in Johnston collapsed in a high wind.  The arch, made of cast iron, is dated 1876, when the cemetery was founded.  It was broken into four pieces.  The arch and supporting columns are now under lock and key.  Funds are needed to repair the gate and arch.

Late in 2012, an informal committee solicited contributions for removal of volunteer shrubs and trees in the older part of the cemetery. Generous contributions came in, and this work has been done from the gate to the paved driveway at the back of the cemetery along the first two roads inside the cemetery.

An experienced metal worker from the Ridge has agreed to repair the gate and arch, using concrete, metal rods, and metal sheathing.  He will begin soon with the gatepost nearest the Presbyterian Church.  Further work will have to be done piecemeal as funds become available.  The arch will be backed with a single piece of metal.  The Town of Johnston is co-operating with materials on hand.  The Presbyterian Church will provide the small amount of water and electricity needed.

Contributions should be made out to the Town of Johnston, designated for Mount of Olives, and sent to the Town at 500 Mims Avenue, Johnston 29832.

For more information, call Owen Clark at (803) 275-2876.