Comments on Festival Dictum, “No Plants & Flowers”

Dear Editor:

I am quite appalled at the comment in the news article [in The Edgefield Advertiser print edition by festival committee, pg. 6, 8/28] about the Heritage Festival where the statement is made that “Plants and Flowers” are not considered crafts.

If this comment is made by the organizer-host of the festival I cannot help but wonder who their adviser is.  Do they not know about beautiful grapevine wreaths made from “Plants?” What about the lovely centerpieces, “Flowers!” Front door wreaths made from “straw,” “greenery,” “plants,” “flowers.” Do they not realize just how many crafters this has offended? On the day of the festival I challenge you to walk around and count the “crafters” who have indeed made items from “plants” and “flowers.”

In the twenty plus years that I have been in business, and attended many festivals, I have never heard such a statement made. “Crafts” is a word that describes many things, whether it is hand made, home grown – such as table cloths, aprons, hand towels, home grown chickens, ducks, plants, flowers, vegetables, flower wreaths, cloth wreaths, grapevine wreaths, clocks, benches, birdhouses, tin can lights – just to name a few.  Yes, even boiled peanuts and BBQ.

Perhaps the organizer-host would like to “retract” this statement in the next publication of the paper before some of the “craft vendors” cancel thinking that they are not welcome.

Carolyn J. Piekielniak