Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter
  • Drugs Found at Fox Creek High School
  • Report of Elder Abuse Leads to Arrest
  • Attempted Traffic Stops Leads to Car Crashing into Home
  • Vandals Damage Equipment at US Fibers

Drugs Found at Fox Creek High School

Two Fox Creek High School students were charged with possession of drugs Thursday, Sept. 26, after a random search by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office’s canine narcotic unit was conducted at the school.  According to reports filed by the ECSO, the canines searched the parking lot area as well as the inside of the facility.  The dogs alerted to two vehicles in the parking lot as possibly containing drugs.  Subsequent searches of the vehicles led to the discovery in each of the vehicles of a small quantity of green, leafy substances which ultimately were tested and confirmed to be marijuana.  The two students, both males ages 17 and 18, were each charged with Simple Possession of Marijuana 1st.  While the search of the parking lot did yield evidence of drugs on the campus, there were no drugs found inside the school.

Josh Trehan, Interim Principal of Fox Creek, spoke with The Advertiser Monday, Sept. 30, regarding the drug search.  Mr. Trehan said the searches “were not set up to catch anybody” but rather that the school is “trying very hard to be proactive” and this is but one more way to protect the academic interest of the school.  Mr. Trehan went on the say he appreciated the ECSO bringing the narcotic canines to the school and invited them to come “as often as they like.”


Report of Elder Abuse Leads to Arrest

A 72 year old Edgefield County man was arrested Friday, Sept. 27, and charged with Criminal Domestic Violence 1st after he was reported to authorities for suspected elder abuse.  According to a report filed by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, an employee with Agape Hospice reported the man after arriving at the man’s Ruby Rd. home Friday and finding his 84 year old common-law wife in tears.  The wife reported to the medical worker that her husband had been “fussing and cussing at her all morning.”  The wife asked the medical worker not to leave her because she was scared and afraid her husband might harm her.  The medical worker did say that this abuse has been an ongoing problem in the home, one which she had previously reported several times to supervisors at her office.  She provided examples of abuse she had witnessed including the man shoving food down the woman’s mouth after the woman stated she could not finish her meal.  Other accusations against the man included leaving the woman on the floor all night after she had fallen in his presence and of striking her with a bottle which left a bruised area on her leg that authorities were able to photograph.  The man also reportedly made several threats towards his wife in which he threatened to cut off her head and bury her in the backyard.

After being interview by an ECSO investigator, the woman was found to be coherent and was described as being able to carry on an intelligent conversation.  The woman was ultimately taken into emergency protective custody and transported the Edgefield County Hospital.  The suspect was transported the Edgefield County Detention Center without incident.  A warrant for abuse of a vulnerable adult is also being sought against him.


Attempted Traffic Stops Leads to Car Crashing into Home

 An attempted traffic stop at Fox Creek Terrace Saturday, Sept, 28, resulted in the crash of the vehicle into a home.  A report filed by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office details how an ECSO deputy attempted to stop a 1995 green Nissan Altima for erratic driving on the aforementioned street.  However, the unidentified driver continued down Fox Creek Terrace before coming to a stop in front of a residence on the roadway.   At that time, several unknown suspects exited the vehicle and ran from the scene.  The car, however, continued to move and struck the front porch of the home resulting in approximately $400 worth of damage.  Minor damage was sustained to the vehicle’s front bumper.  The deputy contacted the registered owner of the vehicle who stated that her car had been stolen from her home in Aiken County.  She was advised to report the theft to Aiken County authorities.

The incident scene was photographed and processed, and the investigation into this matter continues.  The vehicle was towed from the scene.


Vandals Damage Equipment at US Fibers

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded Monday, Sept. 16, to a call at US Fibers in Trenton where vandals had apparently cut the wires to a piece of equipment resulting in the decommission of the equipment.  According to the ECSO report, the vandalism caused a shut down of the equipment to allow for service and repairs which ultimately resulted an economic loss to the company estimated to be $10,000.  While the culprit(s) of this crime have yet to be identified, the case if actively being investigated by the ECSO.