Public Invited to Edgefield County Alliance to Meeting

Dear Editor:
The Edgefield County Alliance Board is inviting all those who have participated in the past or who are interested, to attend a meeting – Monday, September 16th 8:00 a.m. Edgefield County Council Building

The mission of this Alliance is to work together, to bring public and private entities and the citizens of Edgefield County together to establish, promote and realize a common set of objectives that result in Edgefield County becoming a premiere location in South Carolina to live, work, and play.

Beginning with the 20/20 Vision Strategic Planning Sessions, hosted by the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce in 2007-2008, many citizens in the community have been involved with and participated in the various Edgefield County Strategic Planning events. The vision 20/20 plan had three components (quality of life, education and economic development).  Though these were looked at separately, they all play a part in meeting the goals for the County.   With citizen input, County Council established and approved a strategic plan to follow.  The information and update can be found here:

Though the Strategic Plan is a part of reaching our mission, it is only a part. Communication is an important aspect as well. There are many changes taking place that have an impact on our communities.

It is time to come together, determine what part the Alliance should play in this vision for the future and re-energize our efforts.  The desire is that the Alliance continue to take part in bringing other citizens, entities and organizations together to reach our common goal for our County. Whether your interests are in the quality of life, educational, economic development or all issues you are invited to attend and provide input.

Please RSVP to Linda Anderson at: or by calling 803-279-4138.  If you cannot attend but wish to have additional information or provide input please feel free to contact Linda Anderson.

Linda Anderson
Edgefield County Alliance