Rezoning Concerns

– Letter to the Editor –

Dear Editor,

Even though the Enova project regarding Trenton has been published in Greenville and Columbia papers, we can’t discuss the project, according to county council at this time.  But rezoning is still the hot topic.

I have written to the mayors of Trenton and Johnston voicing my concern but I guess they are not interested.  Let me tell you about our community.  We are all home owners.  Our homes are well groomed.  We have a veteran who served in Korea and Vietnam [and] one who served in Iraq.  Several of our folks work for the federal government; some for the county, and some have volunteered at various schools in our area ,along with other volunteering projects.  But you see, we don’t live in the town limits so we are like the illegitimate children who nobody give a darn about.

Mrs. Strom stated that the proposed zoning change was recommended by the Planning Commission.  What criteria did they use?  Quality of Life, Noise pollution, additional traffic, etc.

When this factory (Enova) builds on Hwy 121, the entire entrance to the property will be about 1000 ft from a residence.  We speak about Economic Development.  There are two properties on Hwy 121 now, one at the corner of Hwy 19 and Hwy 121, and one [at] Hill Top that are vacant.  The one on Hill Top has rail way access but this property is not owned by local sellers like the property outside of Trenton.  Finally, is we are going to use the recycling plant on Hwy 121 as an industry already there it’s like comparing a Burger King to a super Walmart.  This is not a good decision.

Bill Baron