We’re Losing A Pound Per Person Per Day!

We’re Losing A Pound Per Person Per Day!

COLUMBIA, S.C. – South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control Director Catherine Templeton announced today that South Carolinians have reduced the amount of Municipal Solid Waste (MSW) thrown away for the seventh consecutive year from 4.5 lbs. per person/per day to 3.4 in FY12.*

“We’re losing a pound per person every day! This is a win for the economy and the environment,” said Templeton. ” Recycling 1.2 million tons this year alone has saved the state $47 million. Plus, local governments have reported earning an additional $13 million in the sale of recyclables.”

“All of this is voluntary in S.C., so it takes the expertise of the team at DHEC to go out into the community and educate counties and businesses on the environmental and economic benefits of recycling. We reach 13 million visitors in our state parks, historical sites, rest areas, and airports. We also boast 20,000 jobs at the 450 companies in this state that make up our robust recycling industry. In 2012 alone, 19 new and existing companies made $463 million in capital investments and created 770 jobs. In the last six years, the recycling industry has invested $4.5 billion in South Carolina.”

Director Templeton will speak at the “Green is Good for Business” conference sponsored, in part, by DHEC tomorrow, Sept. 10, at 1:20 p.m., at the Columbia Metropolitan Convention Center. The seventh annual conference will show how businesses can become more sustainable and likely even save or make money at the same time. Business and sustainability leaders will conduct a wide range of sessions.

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*Municipal Solid Waste (MSW): refers to waste such as durable goods, non-durable goods, containers and packaging, food scraps, yard trimmings, and miscellaneous inorganic wastes from residential, commercial, institutional, and industrial sources, such as appliances, automobile tires, old newspapers, clothing, disposable tableware, office and classroom paper, wood pallets, and cafeteria wastes. Excludes solid wastes from other sources, such as construction and demolition debris, automobile bodies, municipal sludges, combustion ash, and industrial process wastes that also might be disposed of in MSW landfills and incinerators. EPA Guide and SC Solid Waste Management Act.

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