Early Morning Fights

Early Morning Fights

• Possibly Gang Related

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a total of three fight calls in the early morning hours of Sunday, Oct. 13.  According to a report filed by the ECSO, the first call, which was to the Thirty and Up Club on Hwy 23 West and included the report of gun shots, was received around 1:30 a.m.  Upon arrival to the scene, deputies found a large crowd, several of whom were noted to be highly intoxicated, but those suspected of fighting and firing shots had left the scene.  Deputies proceeded to shut down the party that had been in progress there and asked everyone to vacate the premises.  However, one subject, a 24 year old male who was reported to be so intoxicated that he could barely stand, began to use obscene and profane language and became disorderly.  He was ultimately placed under arrest for disorderly conduct and transported to the Edgefield Detention Center.  Deputies were unable to find any evidence of gun shots and no injuries were reported at this location.

Approximately 30 minutes after this first call, a second call reporting a fight in progress, this time at a location on Moragne St., was received.  The victim, who had been assaulted by multiple suspects, had also been at the Thirty and Up Club at the time of the fight there and reported that a gun had been pointed at him.  However, the victim, who was treated for a laceration to the head and facial contusions by EMS, would not cooperate with deputies in providing details into either incident.

A third call, later that morning, had deputies returning to Moragne St. for another disturbance call.  This time another suspect was arrested for disorderly conduct and taken to jail.

Since the victim of the second incident is believed to be involved in a gang and given the presence of gang members at the assault, these fights are suspected to be gang related.