Movers and Shakers

Letter to the Editor:

Dear Editor,

Ely, Moore, Worth, Gilloy, Amos, Bess, Thornton, Glenn, Lowish, Shank, Nunamaker, Dowler, Ashcraft, Humphries, Wherry, McMullen, Todd, Blossom, Benton, Browder, Guy, Woods, Klein, Gerrard, Altalo, Benedetto, Snead and Deschaine.

Recognize these names? No, It’s not the list of prospective jurors.  These people do have several things in common; one, they haven’t been around here very long at all, some just a couple and very few in double digit years.

The other commonality is that they are in my opinion “MOVERS and SHAKERS.”  They’re making things happen in the village.

Make an opportunity to meet them if you haven’t already and thank them for their contribution towards the betterment of Edgefield.  I for one deeply appreciate their efforts.  Lets encourage them.  Maybe you could pitch in and help in one way or another.  Probably won’t be many, if any, greenbacks coming your way, but pride in our community and the personal satisfaction would be, I’m sure, gratifying.

John Kemp, Jr.

P.S. If you feel I missed you, please forgive me.

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