Profiles in Politics: Richard Cash

Richard Cash, Republican Primary Candidate fro U. S. Senate
Richard Cash, Republican Primary Candidate fro U. S. Senate

– By G. Miller Thompson –

The 2014 GOP Primary race for one of South Carolina’s two US Senate seats is shaping up to be quite an interesting one.  The incumbent, Senator Lindsey Graham has upset many South Carolinians including Richard Cash.  In a speech Cash gave to the Pickens County Republicans, he noted “Capitalism, Constitutionalism, and Christianity” are the three principles he will live by as one of South Carolina’s senators.  “The problem with Lindsey Graham,” he said, “is I don’t know what his core principles are.”

In the recent weeks, Cash has taken an issue publicly with Senator Graham’s position on Syria.  “There’s no compelling case, no vital interest” in pursuing military action in Syria according to Cash.  He also noted Senator Graham’s wish for a regime change in Syria and alleges that the Senator has not thought such action through.  “We don’t need responsibility” for the outcome of the situation in Syria, Cash said.

When asked of the relevancy of the United States Constitution, Cash noted an over-zealous judiciary and executive branch that are running over the Constitution in the 21st century.  Cash falls into the original interpretation school of thought in regard to the meaning of the Constitution.  This means that Cash supports the Constitution in its original and literal sense.  He chided the Supreme Court for their living interpretation as such constantly changes the Constitution’s intent according to the nine justices sitting on the bench.

In regard to South Carolina’s greatest national interest, Cash pointed to the port of Charleston.  Regulation of the nation’s ports happens in Washington, and Cash vows to advocate federal support for the deepening of the port which will contribute favorably to the economy of South Carolina.

As administer of a ministry known as “Pastors for Life,” Cash is a staunch proponent of human life.  When asked what he hoped to accomplish in his first term as senator, he quickly responded, “I will support some type of personhood bill.”  Cash believes that life begins at the moment of conception and that the federal government has a moral imperative to protect the unborn.  “There are some things that people just don’t get to decide, and life is one of them.” he said.

As far as immigration reform is concerned, Mr. Cash is an opponent to granting amnesty to the millions of immigrants residing illegally in the United States.  Cash would like for the government to enforce current laws that will secure the border.  He also believes that the United States should lower the number of immigrants admitted each year in order to get the situation under control.  Cash believes immigrants must “assimilate” to American culture before they can be granted citizenship.

Many Americans take issue with the current federal tax code and are uncomfortable with the amount the government thinks it is entitled to.  To curb this trend of taxation, Cash supports a simplified flat tax that each citizen is legally required to pay.

South Carolina, in particular, is struggling in the realm of education.  In fact, 11 of the nation’s top 25 lowest performing public schools call South Carolina home.  A high percentage of South Carolinians are also unemployed and many rely on some form of government assistance in order to function.  The cure to this problem is the repeal of ObamaCare, Cash believes.  The bill is forcing companies to make many of their employees part-time to avoid being forced to provide health insurance benefits to employees along with an array of other federal requirements.

A devout Christian, Cash said his faith will play a critical role during his time in Washington.  His strong faith was evident in the speech I attended with the Pickens County Republicans.  Cash’s wife of 28 years is the most influential person in his life because of the valuable support she has given him over the years and her unconditional love for him since the day the two met.

When asked what makes him the most qualified candidate for the 2014 Primary he answered,  “Well, that’s for the people to decide.”

Cash resides in Anderson County with his wife and five of eight children who remain at home.  More information can be found at

This is first in a series G. Miller Thompson will be bringing you of interviews and profiles of each of the candidates in the U. S. Senate race.

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