DHEC Deregulates Businesses and Supports Environmental Best Practices

DHEC Deregulates Businesses and Supports Environmental Best Practices

COLUMBIA, S.C. –  Today, the Board of the South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) offered changes to their regulations for public comment. Proposed Regulation “61-107.4 Solid Waste Management” allows businesses to compost and reduce landfill waste statewide by 30%; reduces regulation for small businesses; invites in new composting industry to manage food waste; and streamlines the permitting process.

According to Director Templeton, “DHEC has created a common sense solution that not only reduces the waste to our landfills for future generations, but encourages composting and returning natural materials to the Earth. This change will also allow more economic development for South Carolina by welcoming new composting industry and providing more options to assist our industries with producing zero waste for landfills.”

The public comment period will be open for 30 days, beginning November 22, 2013.

See what community leaders are saying about the proposed changes —

“It’s great to see that SCDHEC is moving forward with these important rule changes for Compost Manufacturing. I’m confident that these new rules will open up new opportunities for diversion of source separated organics, which in turn will benefit both the economy and the environment of the state of South Carolina.”

Frank Franciosi
Novozymes North America Inc.
Former President US Composting Council

“These regulations have been needed in South Carolina for a long time. They are an investment in our long-term landfill capacity and our air quality by reducing the organics in landfills that generate methane. At the same time, they create business opportunities for commercial composters, provide another tool for attracting companies that incorporate zero-waste into their sustainability policies, and facilitate the return of nutrients back to our soils, while ensuring safe composting operations. These regulations are a win for everyone.”

Shelley Robbins
Upstate Forever

“… I would like to commend Department staff on the development of an excellent draft regulation. Upon approval, we can look forward to expanding organics recycling across the State.

With increasing public demands to move government policies towards a more sustainable society, this regulation will provide a fantastic sustainability platform, allowing a wide range of organic materials to be recycled into products that truly benefit the environment…”

Darren Midlane, V.P.
Harvest Quest International, Inc.

“In 2009, Charleston County’s Environmental Management Department adopted a 40% Recycling Goal. Since then, the County’s composting program has been a key element in the County’s increased recycling rate. The inclusion of food waste as an acceptable feedstock in the program has both provided a ‘green option’ for environmentally conscious businesses, restaurants and institutions, and has also improved composting dynamics and end product quality.”

Christina Moskos, Community Representative
Charleston County Environmental Management