Trenton Passes First Reading of 2014 Budget

Trenton Passes First Reading of 2014 Budget

Trenton-1 – By Tiffani Ireland – 

The Trenton Town Council made a small amendment to the proposed 2014 budget – opting to up the cost of living raise for town employees from the recommended 2% to 3.5% – before unanimously passing it in its amended form at their regularly scheduled monthly meeting, Wednesday, Nov. 13.  New Town Administrator Roger LeDuc advised Council that the budget is very similar to last year’s, and the purchase of the new fire truck is included.  Additionally, the millage rate will remain the same at 69 mills.  While a public hearing regarding the budget was also on the agenda, there were no public comments given.  Council will hold the final reading on the proposed budget at next month’s meeting.

In other business, Council voted unanimously to enter into a contract with S.B.M US Mail Contractors in which the company will pay the town $50 a month in order to park one of their delivery trucks, which sits empty in the town when it is not in use, in a designated spot within the town.  It was determined that liability for the truck will not fall on the town as part of the contract states the company must provide proof of insurance for the vehicle.  The term of the contract is for one year and will then revert to a month to month basis.

Council also voted as one to elect Cal Cassels to the Planning Commission.  Mr. Cassels will serve out the remainder of Councilman Zeb Ryan’s term.

Council discussed concerns about congregating in and around the library, especially after dark.  The supposed purpose of this loitering is believed to be for after-hours access of the library’s Wi-Fi system.  Administrator LeDuc advised Council that he had contacted the library in regards to this matter and was advised that all 14 libraries within the ABBE system are on the same Wi-Fi service; thus one system cannot be shut off without disrupting the entire system.  The library spokesperson suggested that Council do as Denmark, SC, and pass an ordinance against loitering around the library.  Council, however, said they would rather some other option be entertained than passing an ordinance.  Other options mentioned were a timer for the system at the Trenton Library or simply unplugging the system each night.  In the end, it was decided that Mr. LeDuc will speak with the library regarding the possibility of a timer and will then bring the matter back to Council.

In a related matter, Councilman Bobby Turner advised Council that there are still concerns over possible mold at the library.  After discussion on the matter, it was decided that Mr. LeDuc will inquire as to the possibility of a professional company coming to assess the situation.

Before adjourning, Council members welcomed Roger LeDuc to Trenton as their new administrator and expressed their enthusiasm to be working with him.