Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Field at Fox Creek High School Damaged

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to Fox Creek High School late  Sunday night, Jan. 12, after receiving an anonymous phone call stating a vehicle was doing donuts and tearing up the school’s field.  Upon arrival, deputies found a Jeep covered in fresh mud in the athletic field and the ground on the field torn up.

Dylan Smith, 27, of North Augusta, the driver of the Jeep was charged with malicious injury to property.  He and his passenger, Micah Swenson, 31, of Augusta, GA were both charged with trespass after notice.  They were transported to the Edgefield County Detention Center without incident, and the vehicle was towed from the scene.

Vehicle Stolen

A 2001 Ford Explorer was reported stolen from a residence on Promiseland Road, Friday, Jan. 10.  According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, the owner of the vehicle stated she had left her vehicle running to warm up.  When she returned, she found the vehicle was gone.  The vehicle was later found wrecked in some woods on Promiseland Road.  This incident has been turned over to the investigation unit of the ECSO.

Issues With Animals at Large Continue

Two recent reports filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office show that issues with animals at large continue.  The most recent incident occurred Monday, Jan. 13, at a residence on Padgett Road.  According to the ECSO’s report, a man living on the aforementioned road was going to his mailbox when a “fairly large dark colored” dog ran onto his property and attempted to bite him.  The man’s own dog then came running to the man.  The two dogs began fighting until the man was able to separate them.  The man reported the dog, who belongs to another resident of Padgett Road, is always running loose and coming into his yard.  The responding deputy made contact with the other dog’s owner who stated she had chained the dog to a tree with a choke collar, but the collar had broken.  She did show the deputy the broken collar.  The owner was issued a ticket for dog at large, and she agreed to keep the dog inside until a new collar could be gotten.  There were no injuries reported to either dog in this incident.

The second incident involving animals occurred in the Mt. Vintage subdivision, Thursday, Jan. 9.  According to that report, a caretaker of a residence at the subdivision was verbally accosted by a man after she was forced to stop in the road to avoid hitting a dog.  The victim stated there were several individuals and dogs, none which were on leashes, standing near the roadway where the driver was forced to come to a stop.  After the driver continued on from there, the man reportedly followed the victim to the residence she looks after which is where their verbal altercation took place.  The woman said the man began yelling and cussing at her for almost hitting his dog.  The woman told the man his dog should have been on a leash to which the man reportedly responded he did not have to have his dog on a leash.  I speaking with the responding deputy, the subject did admit to going to the incident location but only to advise the driver to slow down when driving through the subdivision.  In the end, the man was advised of the state’s leash law and was placed on trespass notice from the incident location.