Irish Hospitality

Letter to the Editor

It was bitterly cold and dark.  I was lying on my belly in the area between the sidewalk and the front lawn trying to turn off the water valve because an outdoor faucet had burst from the freeze.  A voice behind me asked if I was all right, saying “I’m a sheriff’s deputy.”

I explained that the tools I had were too big for the confined space, and he said he might have something in the car, and went to where his patrol car stood panting in the adjacent driveway and returned with a small plier, reached down and turned off my valve.

I asked his name and he said “Ireland, like the country, Phil Ireland”.  What a coincidence, said I, for my name is Irish, like those who populate your country.”

The encounter took less than two minutes, but pleased me to know that there are sharp-eyed people who are kind enough to stop for a moment and assist.  Thank you, Officer Ireland.

Hal Irish