The Weather Makes the News

The Weather Makes the News
  • 7 Degrees F in County
  • Report of Outages

Weather is a big topic of conversation and usually is more so about this time in January. The news came to the newspaper this morning that the anticipated 12 degrees on Tuesday morning, according to the weather forecasts, was actually 7 degrees F at 7:00 a.m. in Edgefield County. This is according to EWE Olin Berry. It has been many years since such cold has been reported. Schools took note and opened two hours late in anticipation of possible transportation problems with the cold.

According to Berry, at 7:00 a.m. Tuesday,  the wind chill factor was 2.9 F and the dew point was 3.6 (amount of moisture).  At 10:30 a.m., the temperature was 14.4 and the wind chill factor was 7.6.

A Johnston citizen stated, mid-morning Tuesday, that the north part of Johnston experienced power outage (including radio station and the elementary school) in the morning. According to a worker in the Milliken plant of Johnston, the company was called by SCE&G around 4:00 a.m., Tuesday morning, and were asked to shut down and it is presumed this was to avoid blackouts. The worker stated that this has happened in the summer also, when it was very hot.

Meeting with such drastic weather, for our area, gave this newspaper the opportunity to look back to the past year and what the weather — temperatures and rainfall – were, in summary.

The following information was given to us by our front page EWE Olin Berry, from his archives, in response to numerous requests from our readers.

A Summary of Weather in 2013, by the Month 

2013   Hi        Lo        Av. temp         Total rain

Jan.      77.5    22.5    49.1                2.68

Feb.     68.       20       43.8                6.54

Mar.    77       20       43.8                3.71

April    83       35       60.5                4.46

May     89.2    42.8    66.6                2.15

June    93.4    62.6    70.9                7.77

July     89.5    ___        ___             9.85

Aug.     94.3    57.3    74.7                6.9

Sept.    90       51       70                   2.05

Oct.      87.4    32.7    62.3                1.44

Nov.     79.3    22.9    49                   2.75

Dec.     76.6    26.2    48.1                9.10