Intergovernmental Meeting Held Thursday

– By Tiffani Ireland –

The annual Edgefield County Intergovernmental Meeting was held Thursday night, Jan. 30, at the Senior Citizen Center.  The catered event was a chance for local governmental officials to meet as one to share updates and ideas from their different agencies.  Speakers for the evening included Sen. Shane Massey, County Council Chairman Dean Campbell, Sam Crouch for the County Transportation Committee (CTC), Edgefield Mayor Ken Durham, Johnston Mayor Andy Livingston, Trenton Mayor Billy Padgett, Rep. Bill Hixon, Will Williamson with the Economic Development Committee, Fab Burt for the Planning Commission, Chairman Thomas McCain of the 1% Capital Sales Tax Committee, Donna Livingston for the Chamber of Commerce, John Hare for the Water Department, and Brandon Clary, CEO of Edgefield County Hospital.  Superintendent Greg Anderson was expected to address the meeting but was unable to attend due to health reasons.   

In his address to those convened, Sen. Massey shared that efforts to restructure state government had passed the Senate and reminded attendees of changes brought about that now allow concealed weapons permit holders to carry their weapons in more places.  He said upcoming big issues expected to come before the Senate are the election of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court and the gas tax debate.  On the House side, Rep. Hixon said they are working to get more money for CTC and education.  He also mentioned the possibility of seeking a local option sales tax in the future.  In his speech, Mr. Crouch said CTC has three paving projects slated for this year; Mt. Zion Rd, Windy Ridge Rd., and Country Way.  He said they are also working on a project with the Department of Transportation that will allow the CTC to access extra funds that would be directed to improvements on North Martintown Rd. and Georgia Rd.  Mayor Durham said the city of Edgefield plans to reintroduce their TIF plan, and Mr. Williams said his agency is working to make sure all property in Edgefield County is properly zoned.  Mr. Hare stated that Water Authority customers can now pay their bills online at the agency’s new website or over the phone.  Mr. McCain assured attendees that the Capital Sales Tax Committee will be looking at projects that will benefit the entire county and not just certain areas.  He, along with several other speakers throughout the evening, spoke in favor of the tax and the benefits of the possible projects to the County.  Chairman Campbell closed the evening by thanking those in attendance and reminding everyone of the Capital Sales Tax Committee’s next meeting, Feb. 5 at 6:00 at the County Council Chambers.