STHS Celebrates Millennium Club Day

STHS Celebrates Millennium Club Day

STHS-Mellinium-ClubOn Friday, February 7th, Strom Thurmond High School celebrated the accomplishments of the 51 students who received outstanding scores on their college entrance exams. Each of the students wore navy blue or red Millennium Club t-shirts proclaiming the fact that they have scored a 1000 (math + verbal) or better on the SAT and/or a 21 or better on the ACT.  The students were treated to a special lunch, and their names were also displayed on posters throughout the hallways as well as the scrolling marquis in front of the school.

These exemplary scores are the result of the dedicated teachers and rigorous course offerings at Strom Thurmond High School. SAT Prep instructors Michele Goforth and Patricia Woods, along with Principal Jill Jett, have proclaimed the first Friday in February as Millennium Club Day in an effort to honor the outstanding accomplishments of these students.

Millennium Club members are: Karson Barrett,  Jacob Bass, Amanda Biddlecome, , Bryce Boeke, Shannon Bonczek, Kalei Bowser, Shelby Calliham, Kadeidra Chandler, Maggie Childress, Josh Clark, Keith Dumais, Yahaira Escalera, Rachel Farmer, Justin Farrer, Garrett Gibson, John Gillespie, Micah Goforth, Benjamin Gordon, Chris Henderson, Kendall Hill, Brooklyn Johnson, Meg Jolly, Amber Laughinghouse, Olivia Love, Christine Marzullo, Jamarr McCain, Vanessa Merriweather, Sally Mickelsen, Jarrett Mills, Casey Newman, Arturo Pineda, Jeremy Pixley,, Meryl Prince, Evan Roberson, Grace Russ, Hannah Sexton, Eboney Sharpton, Megan Sherman, Baylee Sims, Morgan Spaulding, Erin Sweeney,Alicia Thomas, Libby Timmerman, Christa Turner, Kaeli Wates, Tori Whatley, Dewey Wilson, McKenzie Wilson, Jami Winn, Daniel Wintrow,  Taylor Yonce, and Alexis Duke.

STHS-1300-12001200 Club: Jacob Bass, Amanda Biddlecome,  Maggie Childress, John Gillespie, Sally Mickelson, Arturo Pineda, Meryl Prince, Megan Sherman, Baylee Sims, Libby Timerman, McKenzie Wilson

1300 Club: Amanda Biddlecome, Kalei Bowser, Arturo Pineda