The Edgefield Farmers Market

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I would like to thank the citizens of Edgefield County for their support of the Farmers Market this past year.  There are a number of the Market Vendors who are in business all year round: Phillip Trotter for delicious cakes, Elsie and Buddy Margan for the fresh baked breads and bird houses, Cecil Slade for your Carolina & Clemson clocks and Cedar Bird houses, Carolyn Piekielniak for the plants and flowers.  If you need something from any of these vendors please call them.

We will have our Farmers Market again in 2014 beginning the first Saturday in April.  Again this will be for home grown, hand made, home baked goods, pickles, jams , jellies, cane syrup, fresh vegetables, plants, flower baskets, eggs, hand made afghans, painted gourds, boiled peanuts and, sometimes, BBQ.  This is just a short list of things we will be having, so please come on and check the market out.  We will be operating every Saturday from 9:00 till 1:00.

If anyone would like to come and join us please call me and I will give you further information and requirements to become a vendor.

Carolyn J. Piekielniak,
Market Coordinator