Cinderella, a Hit at W. E. Parker

Cinderella, a Hit at W. E. Parker

Cinderella took the County as seen by all the players spilling over into the “nightlife” (called restaurants) in this area following that grand production, March 7, 2014.  Hooped skirts were bulging under one restaurant table and a mouse was sitting at another in one popular eating place.

It was truly a success, and the story everyone knows.  It was impossible to publish all the names and all the photographs, so this newspaper has chosen a few.

For example, the step-sisters are three favorite characters of this writer, in all of children’s literature.  The young women who played the sisters were far from ugly (as they are usually portrayed) enough, but their personalities made them so.  Just check that photo accompanying this article.

And the king, pompous he is in the photo, is surrounded by the Grand Duke and Herald who all have a look of importance.  However, every child was important in this musical, as was the director, teacher of music Angelyn Dorn, and all the adults and patrons who gave of time and resources.

Thank you W. E. Parker for another exciting event that students and teachers and patrons have provided for everyone to see and hear.