Disposal of Debris From the Recent Ice Storm

A call to one of the Advertiser writers in the lower part of the county, to ask if some information could be printed for everyone, resulted in this short article that should provide information for those concerned about the debris left behind from the storm – what to do with it since it isn’t being removed with any haste.

It is interesting to note that one of our writers drove through Virginia this past weekend to find the aforementioned state had not accomplished the removal of debris very quickly, also.  There was true devastation by the ice story in Virginia, and it showed in the miles of limbs and broken trees, most of them gathered and lying waiting by the roadside.

The caller in our county found some information about debris removal that may be helpful to the citizens, since no removal has been promised any time soon.  Lynn Strom, County Administrator, gives this helpful information:

The convenience center sites in the County are accepting storm debris.  When utilizing the sites, please be sure that the debris is in 4 ft. segments or less to fit properly in the disposal container.  This will allow the sites to accommodate debris from more citizens.  If your community has large amounts of debris that cannot be accepted at the convenience center sites, please bring the debris to the Tri-County Transfer Station located at 14 Transfer Drive off of Weaver Road in Johnston (location, just beyond Wardlaw school, going toward Johnston from Edgefield).  Their hours of operation are Monday – Friday 7:00 a.m. to 3:30 p.m.  The phone number is 803-275-5608.  There is no charge for a home owner to bring debris off of their property to the Transfer Station.  However, commercial businesses utilizing the Transfer Station will have to pay a disposal fee.

Lynn Strom,Administrator