Final List for 1% Sales Tax to be Presented to Council April 1

Final List for 1% Sales Tax to be Presented to Council April 1

– By Tiffani Ireland –

The 1% Sales Tax Commission has completed their list of proposed projects they will be presenting to the Edgefield County Council at their Apr. 1 meeting.  The following is a list of the projects and their costs:

Build 5 new Fire Dept. Substations $700,000
(at Hwy 191, Miller Cross Rd., Walker Rd., Long Cane Rd., and near Republican Rd.)

Construct a Community Building at Bettis Park $500,000

Construct a Veteran’s Affairs Park $100,000

County’s Share of Infrastructure Project in Merriwether District $400,000

Edgefield Downtown Revitalization Project $1,350,000
(Streetscape project, building renovations, Rails to Trails upgrade, and park upgrades)

Edgefield County Hospital $1,100,000
(Build new practice in Merriwether and upgrade ECH)

Extend Lee St. in Johnston to IGA $50,000

Johnston Armory $700,00
(Renovate into a community/warming center)

Johnston Town Hall $550,000
(Renovate to include a new fire station)

Sweetwater Community Center $140,000
(Upgrades to the facility)

County Recreation Facilities $530,000
(Renovate Edgefield gym and make it a warming center, add a concession stand at Edgefield Little League field, provide drainage and add bleachers to soccer field)

Edgefield Police Department Upgrades $30,000

The total cost of the projects on this list is $6,150,000.  This list is similar to Bucket List 1 that the commission had previously comprised (see The Edgefield Advertiser March 19th ed.), however, some of the amounts have been changed and the Merriwether infrastructure project was added to this final list.  Funding for this project, County Administrator Lynn Strom explained, could be used to fulfill almost two-thirds of the Memorandum of Understanding the county has with the County Water and Sewer Department.  If these funds are not used to cover the MOU, the county would have the money available to use for other infrastructure projects in this area. 

When this list is presented to County Council, Council will have until Aug. to take the necessary steps to have the project list added to the Nov. ballot.  Council will be required to hold three readings of this project list if they decide to pursue its addition to the ballot.  Council can opt to use the presentation o Apr. 1 as the list’s first reading.  For more information on this topic, please visit Edgefield County’s website, or contact Administrator Lynn Strom.

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