Regarding Purple Heart Recipient

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I was recently lucky enough to interview John Barbare for a position within our firm.  As I was preparing for our meeting, I came across the article about John in The Edgefield Advertiser.  Immediately upon meeting John I was impressed and humbled by John’s professionalism, courage, intelligence, and American pride, and I’m happy to say he accepted our job offer and will continue serving our great Nation.

If possible, would you relay a message to his parents, Rick and Jo Ellen Barbare in Trenton?  As a retired Master Sergeant in the Air Force and now as a contracted government consultant in the DC region, I have had the privilege of meeting some of America’s best-uniformed men and women.  Patriots to a one, sure; but, the honor, courage, and sacrifice of John — and his family — is a level above. My simple words can’t accurately capture the debt owed to people of John’s caliber.  I was honored to meet John, and I’m humbled to now call him my co-worker.

With much respect,
Brian Wilson, MSgt (retired), USAF
Associate, Booz Allen Hamilton