Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Livestock Stolen

Three calves were stolen from a pasture on Country Club Road in Johnston between Saturday and Sunday, Apr. 5-6.  According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, the owner of the calves stated that sometime between Saturday and Sunday, thieves cut the lock to his pasture and stole three black calves valued together at $900.  This incident has been turned over to the investigation unit of the ECSO. 

CVS Target of Scams

The CVS in Apple Square Plaza was the intended target of at least two separate scams in recent days.  In the first reported incident, which occurred Monday, Apr. 7, a thirty-nine years old Hispanic woman attempted to fill three prescriptions.  However, when the pharmacy entered the social security number provided by the suspect, the number came back to an address and phone number of a person living in Corpus Christi, Texas.  The pharmacy then called that number and was informed by the victim in Corpus Christi that this has happened to her before and that someone is illegally using her social security number.  The prescriptions were not filled, and the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office was contacted in regard to this matter.

In a separate incident, on Saturday, Apr. 12, CVS received a phone call from a man stating he had just moved to the area.  He provided the pharmacy with all of his identification information, using the name of Benjamin Croft (however, there is no DMV record for such a person in SC or GA).  The caller stated he had recently been in a wreck that resulted in him having a broken leg in two places.  However, the called said he left the prescription for his medicine at the doctor’s office and that the office would call in the prescription information shortly.

According to the report filed with the ECSO, a few hours later a call did come from someone identifying himself as Dr. Graham from Greenwood and wishing to place a prescription order for 120 pills of hydrocodone.  He provided the pharmacy with an office number, address, and DEA number, but the pharmacist, who had previously worked with Dr. Graham, knew that the called was an imposter.  A follow-up call to Self Memorial Hospital in Greenwood confirmed that the call and the prescription were fakes.  Interestingly, a short time later, the CVS in Saluda notified the Edgefield CVS that they, too, had had the same exact situation occur at their store.

The story does not end there.  On Sunday, Apr. 13, a suspect identified as a black male wearing dreadlocks and a black shirt and shorts came to the CVS in Edgefield to pick up the prescription for Mr. Croft.  This man was asked to provide identification, and, after returning to his vehicle to retrieve his driver’s license, returned to the pharmacy and provided the required information.  However, the pharmacy informed the man they were unable to release the medicine to him since it was not his prescription.  The man told them Mr. Croft was shopping at BiLo, and then the man left the store.  Not giving up, however, the same individual went to the CVS in Saluda and tried the same scam there.  This time he was arrested by the Saluda City Police Department.

The incident at the CVS in Edgefield, along with evidence and surveillance recovered from the scene, is being investigated by the ECSO.  Further charges against this suspect may yet be filed.