4th Grade Wardlaw Goes to Barrier Island Camp

4th Grade Wardlaw Goes to Barrier Island Camp

barrierThe fourth grade class of Wardlaw Academy ventured to Barrier Island Environmental Camp for 3 days and 2 nights on April 14 – 16.  It was a spectacular trip, even if the weather was a bit windy, rainy, and chilly!  The class did not miss a beat, for they eagerly ran from one class to another.  It is an exceptional program that involves the students individually and as a class unit.

They explored the beach and the mud pit; the pond and the aquarium; maritime mammals and seining; and so much more!  It was a busy three days, but ones filled with excitement as they were able to see and to touch so much of what they had learned throughout the year.  And as one student said, “This is an educational experience for the students!”



Bryson Batt                                                  Vernon Reynolds

Preston Bledsoe                                          John David Satcher

Allison Burnette                                          Montana Van Zant

Will Carroll                                                    Jordan Williams

Baylor Geer                                                  Briggs Williams

Chuck Hammond                                        Jessie Wiser

Samuel Jones                                               Ashland Yonce

Hudson Manly