A Country of Quitters


G-Miller-Thompson-2 – By G. Miller Thompson –

Times are tough, people struggle, life ain’t always beautiful.  Regardless of any hardships one may face, quitting is simply not the answer.  Now, do not confuse the term hardships with drug or alcohol problems.  If you or someone you know suffers from any tough addiction, by all means, get them the help they need.  However, that is another story for a different day.

Since 1630, when Puritan settlers arrived in the Massachusetts Bay, hard times have haunted the great folks of America.  These people journeyed thousands of miles across the Atlantic Ocean to take on the challenge of starting over in a novel, vastly unexplored land.  They faced harder times than many of us can imagine.  How did they handle their troubles?  Did they give up and trek back to England?  No, they persevered, embraced the good times and the bad, kept their heads high, and forged the path for that astounding American dream.

For more than four hundred years, perseverance has been the key to American success.  Despite adversity, the American people have always been the ones to take a stand for what they believe in.  Americans have since been and always should be the role models for the rest of the world.  In the 1700s, the British bullied American citizens.  They knew they were more advanced than the Americans and intended to keep it that way.  Soon enough, our ancestors became irritated and rebellion erupted.  Thomas Jefferson worked to compose the Declaration of Independence, formally declaring America’s independence from Great Britain.  The dark cloud of war hung over the country, but no threat could put a damper on the unparalleled resiliency of the American people.  Our distant ancestors fought side by side against the most powerful military of the time.  They lost many battles, but never gave up.  They won our independence.  Now, almost four hundred years later, our ancestors would be proud to see America has become the greatest power on Earth.

Success such as this does not come overnight.  It takes patience and persistence.  It takes focus and dedication.  The great men and women who made America knew the ultimate goal.  They united regardless of beliefs and gave everything they had for a country they loved.  They pressed on through the weather.  Defeat was not an option.

The American dream has successfully stood the test of time.  There is no reason as to why it should not continue to do so for the remainder of the world’s existence.  But what has happened to Americans’ patriotism and motivation?  Since her birth, America has done the extraordinary.  However, in recent years, this country is quickly becoming a country of quitters.

A future as great as our past hangs in the balance of decisions we make today.  America has lost its credibility.  It has lost its accountability.  The unwavering stability of America’s résumé is rapidly dissolving.  Our country stands on the edge of cliff.  If American citizens continue to give up whenever hardships surface, even the slightest breeze will send our country crashing to the rocky base of the cliff.  Present day American men, women, and children will bear all blame.  If we do not stand up now and make the necessary adjustments, the America we leave behind for our children will not be that country that our ancestors fought so passionately for.  We must not give up.  The time has come for the quitting trend to meet its end.

Former United States President George W. Bush said in the first chapter of his book, Decision Points, that quitting a habit adopted into one’s life is an extremely tough decision to make and even more difficult to follow through with.  We are becoming a country of quitters and that will not change if Americans maintain a mindset of mediocrity.  It is critical that America get an attitude adjustment.  The time has arisen for a new American Revolution.

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