Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Estimated $15,000 Worth of Items Stolen From Home on Jacob McKie

A burglary at a home on Jacob McKie Road in Trenton resulted in the loss of an estimated $15,000 worth of items. According to a report filed by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, some time during the evening hours of Wednesday, April 30, unknown suspects entered the home and stole various pieces of jewelry, estimated to be worth a total of $13,900, as well as two rifles, two pistols, a flat screen television, a plastic water jug containing an unknown amount of loose change, and a bag containing prescription medications. The scene of this crime was processed for evidence, and this incident has been turned over to the investigation unit of the ECSO.

Disturbance at Greg’s Gas Plus Leads to Multiple Charges and Two Arrests

A disturbance at Greg’s Gas Plus on West Martintown Road led to two arrests and multiple charges, Sunday, May 4. A report with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office details how the complainant witnessed a 26 year old Beech Island man fighting with a 24 year old North Augusta woman in the parking lot of the gas station. The two had apparently arrived via car together to the location where the witness described both were using loud, profane language and fighting each other. After interviewing both parties and the witness, the responding officer determined that both the man and woman were equally at fault in the altercation and charged each with Assault and Battery 3rd Degree. However, the charges did not end there.

As the couple’s vehicle was being inventoried so that it could be towed from the scene, officers discovered a bag with three white colored pills, a baggie containing a crystal looking substance believed to be crystal meth, a wrapper containing a green leafy substance believed to be marijuana, a box, inside of which was a pill broken in half believed to be Xanax, and a brown, hand-rolled cigar believed to contain marijuana. The male suspect did agree to speak with officers regarding these discoveries and admitted that the crystal like substance was methamphetamine. He also identified the pills as hydrocodone and the green leafy substance as marijuana. The female victim initially denied knowledge of the discovered items, but when shown the evidence, she identified the crystal like substance as ‘ice’ and the green leafy substance as marijuana. However, both suspects denied possessing the items. Therefore, each was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of narcotics/schedule 1-5, and simple possession of marijuana. All the evidence was collected and will be turned over to the narcotics division of the ECSO. The suspects’ vehicle was towed from the scene. Both suspects were transported to the Edgefield County Detention Center.

 Blind Man Robbed of Ring

A visually impaired Edgefield County man was forced to give his ring to an unknown assailant, Sunday, May 4. According to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report, the man opened the door to his Casalina Drive home on Sunday to a male who identified himself as the father of the victim’s grandchildren. However, once the door was open, the suspect change his identification to that of a neighbor. The suspect, who is believed to be neither of the identities given, then demanded the victim’s gold ring. The victim said he gave the ring to the suspect because he was unsure if the suspect had a weapon or not. No physical injuries were reported in this incident, and the ECSO is investigating this crime.

Negligent Burning Spreads to Neighboring Home and Burns Vehicle

A man was burning a pile of leaves at a home on Casalina Drive in North Augusta (Edgefield County), Monday, May 5, when the fire got of control and spread to a neighboring home. An Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report relates how the fire ignited a 1989 Chevrolet pick-up truck that was parked on the other property. Fire crews did respond to the scene to extinguish the fire, which was described as having done a substantial amount of damage. However, the man burning the fire and the neighbor to whom the destroyed truck belonged are relatives. They have decided to handle any damages between themselves.

Suspicious Woman Escorted From Gov. Haley Peach Visit

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office helped intercept a suspicious woman at Monday’s visit by Governor Nikki Haley to Big Smile Farms in Johnston. According to an ECSO report, a SC Law Enforcement Division officer alerted an ECSO officer that a suspicious woman dressed in a tan trench coat was seen on the scene which was closed to the public and open only to other peach growers and the media. However, the suspicious woman was determined to be neither a grower nor a member of the media. The property owner as well as a member of the governor’s staff attempted to notify the woman that she needed to leave, but the woman ignored these requests. An ESCO officer then escorted the woman from the scene to her vehicle where he obtained her driver’s license information as well as the information pertaining to her vehicle. The woman was identified as Kate Michaela Sarn of Costa Mesa, CA. She was driving a 2013 white Nissan which is registered in Colorado.

Vehicle Left on Roadway After Break Down Stolen

A woman left her grey 2002 Ford Taurus on Highway 23 and Monument Drive in Johnston, Sunday, April 4, after the vehicle broke down. According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office regarding this matter, the woman was able to get the vehicle off the roadway before the car shut off. She secured the vehicle and called a relative to take her home. However, the victim said that when she returned the next day to check on the vehicle, she found the car gone. The car is valued at around $5,000. Inquiries to a local scrap metal facility did not produce any information on the vehicle’s location. This incident is being investigated by the ECSO.