Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Trailer and Other Items Stolen From Murrah Road

A metal homemade trailer as well as other items were stolen from a property on Murrah Road. According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, deputies responded to the scene Sunday, May 18, after the property owner discovered someone had kicked in the door to an abandoned trailer-home on the property. While nothing was taken from the residence, a metal homemade 16×18 utility type trailer was found to be missing as well as a metal plow. Additionally, it was discovered that someone has tampered with two vehicles on the property. One of the automobiles had its right passenger side window broken, and the other had a radio stolen out of it. Damages and the value of the stolen items were estimated to cost $1700. The ECSO did process the scene for evidence, and this incident is being investigated.

Man Caught Burglarizing Home

An Edgefield County man returned to his home on Edgefield Road, Friday, May 16, to find another man in the act of burglarizing it. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report, the suspect was found in the victim’s bedroom packing clothes into a bag. Upon confronting the suspect, the victim said the burglar spun around and appeared to be holding an object in his hand which the victim believed may have been a gun. The victim stated that at that point he punched the suspect in the face, and a struggled ensued which ultimately led to the suspect fleeing into some nearby woods.

After arriving on the scene, a deputy began to interview the victim as to particulars of the incident. While questioning the complainant, the responding deputy noticed the suspected burglar running from the woods towards them. The suspect was taken into custody and placed into a patrol car. However, the suspect’s behavior became volatile while in the vehicle. He was described as yelling, thrashing around in the patrol car, and slamming his head into the windows of the vehicle. After several warnings from law enforcement to calm down, the suspect was restrained. Because of this behavior, he was transported Edgefield County Hospital for evaluation. However, he was cleared by medical personnel and released into ECSO custody whereupon he was taken to the Edgefield County Detention Center.

While processing the crime scene for evidence, a plastic baggie with a white powder residue, a bag containing a green leafy substance, and other possibly drug related items were found. However, no firearm was recovered. In a follow-up interview over the weekend with the suspect in this crime, he claimed the recovered items as his own. The items are being tested and processed.

The suspect in this crime is charged with Burglary 2nd. However, other charges may yet be filed in this case as the ECSO continues to investigate this incident.