Crime Blotter UPDATED

Crime Blotter UPDATED

Another Scam Attempt

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office was alerted Monday, May 26, to another attempted scam on an Edgefield County citizen.  This attempted fraud was very similar to the one previously reported by The Advertiser (see below).  In this latest attempt, a woman was contacted by a caller who identified himself as Albert Williams with Publishers Clearing House Sweepstakes.  (This is the same name used in the previous attempted scam and the caller called from the same number, 1-876-466-2103, as in the prior attempt.)  Again, in this case, the target was informed that she had won 1.2 million dollars which would be delivered by UPS to her residence in the form of a certified check.  She was instructed to go to the local Dollar Store and purchase a prepaid Paypal card with a specific pin number.  As in the previously attempted scam, the intended victim realized this to be a fraud and disconnected the call.  The man called the victim back about ten minutes later using profane and suggestive language, at which point the victim again ended the call.  The ECSO has advised the woman not to answer any more calls originating from this number.

Multiple Thefts Reported Over Holiday Weekend

Multiple thefts throughout Edgefield County were reported over the Memorial Day weekend beginning Friday, May 23.  In the incident reported Friday, an air condition unit was found missing from a residence on Berry Road.  The complainant informed the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office that he looks after the property for a friend who lives outside of the county.  The a/c unit was last known to be at the residence on the preceding Wednesday which is when the property was last visited by the complainant.  The unit, which was taken from the rear of the home, was estimated to be worth $3000.

On Saturday, May 24, the ECSO received a report of a stolen utility trailer from a home on Plum Branch Road.  The black 6×12 2013 Superior model trailer was last noticed on the property Wednesday, May 21.  Its value is listed as $1500.

As previously reported by The Advertiser (see below) the Dodges store on Hwy 25 in Edgefield was the target of a break in on Sunday, May 25, shortly after midnight.  New details related to this smash and grab reveal that the thieves broke the front door to the establishment and stole two 24 pack cases of beer before making their getaway.  The thief was caught on video and a description of the vehicle used in this incident was able to be obtained.  It is described as a white 4×4 extended cab 2000-2004 Ford F150 pickup truck.  The damage and loss of property in this crime was given as $333.00.

On Monday, May 26, a theft from a home on Youngblood Road was reported to the ECSO, however, due to the fact the homeowner has been traveling, the crime could have taken place anywhere from the middle of April until its discovery on Monday.  In this incident, jewelry and coins were the thieves’ targets.  A total of five rings and six silver coins were found to be missing.  The value of the items was given as $15,000.  There was no sign of forced entry to the home, but the complainant was able to provide law enforcement with a possible person of interest in this case.

Also on Monday, May 26, a break in to an unoccupied home on Square Circle Ranch Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) was reported.  In this case, the back door to the residence had been kicked in and two wooden chairs, an old heater, and a radio were taken from this scene.  The damage and value of the stolen goods was estimated to be $245.00.

The ECSO is investigating these crimes.  Anyone with information pertaining to them is asked to call 637-5337.  Callers can remain anonymous.

Smash and Grab at Dodges Gas Station

Dodges Gas Station on Hwy 25 in Edgefield was the site of what is called a smash and grab early Sunday morning, May 25.  The front door to the establishment was smashed in and thieves grabbed their loot, two cases of beer, before exiting the store.  Deputies with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office arrived at the store only moments after the alarm company notified them of the alarm being triggered, but the perpetrators had already made their getaway.  The scene of this incident was processed for evidence, and this crime is being investigated.

Scam Alert

An Edgefield County woman alerted the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office that she was the target of a suspected scam Tuesday, May 20.  According to the ECSO report filed regarding this incident, the victim was contacted by a subject identifying himself as Albert Williams with P.E.H.C.  The caller told the woman she had won $1,700,000 and that all she had to do to collect her winnings was to meet two other subjects identified as Debra Jackson and David Washington at the Fred’s store in Edgefield and give the pair $500.  Jackson was described as the “tax lady” and Washington as the “lawyer.”  The woman was told the $500 was to purchase a specific card that would then entitle her to automatically begin receiving her winnings monthly.  Fortunately, the target of this attempted fraud did not provide the caller with any personal information and ended the phone call.  This matter has been turned over to the investigation unit of the ECSO.

Truck Stolen on Brighthop Road

A larceny at a residence on Brighthop Rd. in Trenton was reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Monday, May 19, after a friend of the victim rode by the property and noticed the fence surrounding it had been taken off its hinges and an opening left.  The friend also noticed that a truck was missing from the incident location.  Once the owner of the property arrived, he confirmed the only stolen item appeared to be a black 1979 two door midsized Mitsubushi truck.  The scene was processed for evidence, and this incident is being investigated by the ECSO.

Items Stolen from Vehicle in Fred’s Parking Lot

A man who left his vehicle unlocked and the driver’s side window down as he went into the Fred’s store in Edgefield Monday, May 19, returned from his shopping trip to find items had been stolen from his vehicle.  According to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, the victim stated a blue plastic container was taken from the vehicle in which were a pair of driving glasses, a cell phone charger, a phone company book, and the registration to the vehicle.  All together the missing items were estimated to be worth $225.  The container had been left on the front seat of the vehicle and no other items were stolen from the truck.

Lawn Equipment Stolen on Edgefield Road

A weed eater and a lawn mower were reported stolen from a residence on Edgefield Road, Monday, May 19.  An Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report details how the victim, upon returning from a short excursion, was notified by a neighbor that the lawn equipment in question was missing from the home.  The victim confirmed that the red Troy Built push mower and the green weed eater were in fact no longer at the site; no other items were reported missing.  Both pieces of lawn equipment were figured to be worth around $600.  The ECSO is investigating this incident.