Peeler and Staff a Winning Team

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

I wanted to give a short testament to the hard work, efficiency, professionalism, and assistance recently rendered by Judge Bobby Peeler and his staff to my wife. My mother in law lost her husband in early February 2014. My wife went back to Edgefield County to assist her mother in the funeral arrangements and later the estate issues. What a pleasant surprise she found, during this difficult time, when she met Judge Peeler and his staff at the Edgefield County Probate Judge’s office. They expected to get a run around, have to pay big legal fees, and have to do all of the work themselves, which is common in almost every county in South Carolina, but that was not the case there. Judge Peeler and his staff treated them like a part of their family and walked them through everything that needed to be done and they even filled out the paperwork, so this 81 year old widow did not have to do all of that while she was still grieving.

As a retired Assistant Director with SLED, I have traveled all over South Carolina and never seen this level of service before. I commend Judge Peeler and his entire staff and feel that everyone in Edgefield County is very fortunate that they have such an efficient public service team. If I still lived in Edgefield County, I would vote to re-elect Judge Bobby Peeler for another term as Probate Judge. Judge Bobby Peeler and his staff are truly a winning team.

Steven A. Smith