SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame Inducts Nine

SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame Inducts Nine

COLUMBIA – The Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame held induction ceremonies today for nine South Carolina law enforcement officers, representing the State Constabulary and State Law Enforcement Division.

The South Carolina Law Enforcement Division, or SLED, is essentially the modern-day evolution of the old State Constabulary.

The SC Law Enforcement Officers Hall of Fame is part of the SC Department of Public Safety. It was established by legislative act in 1974. By that act, its purpose was defined “as a memorial to law enforcement officers killed in the line of duty and in recognition of the selfless dedication of all law enforcement officers in the day-to-day performance of their duties.” With the current inductions, 350 officers who have given their lives in service to the people of South Carolina are honored in the Hall of Fame Memorial Room.

This year, the following officers were inducted:

State Constable Robert Hayne Pepper
SC State Constabulary/SLED
March 30, 1894

State Constable Robert A. Pettigrew
South Carolina State Constabulary/SLED
July 13, 1895

State Constable Jonathan. J. Moseley
South Carolina State Constabulary/SLED
October 13, 1895

State Constable John B. Cornwell, Jr.
SC State Constabulary/SLED
December 7, 1899

State Constable James P. Farmer
S.C. State Constabulary/SLED
February 22, 1908

State Constable Cotesworth Pinckney Fishburne
SC State Constabulary /SLED
July 6, 1909

State Constable James Rollin Cooler
SC State Constabulary/SLED
March 30, 1913

State Constable David F. Williams
SC State Constabulary/SLED
June 9, 1925

Sgt. William L. “Buddy” Laval, Jr.
South Carolina Law Enforcement Division
January 12, 1955