Sen. Shane Massey Named to “Top 40 Under 40” by The Washington Post

Sen. Shane Massey Named to “Top 40 Under 40” by <i>The Washington Post</i>

senator-shane-masseySenator Shane Massey has been named by The Washington Post as one of the “top 40 political rising stars under 40.”  The Post made the announcement through “The Fix” on their website, May 20, 2014, saying they sought advice from 100 different sources from across the United States for the names of nominees for the honor.  To pare down those suggestions to the 40 chosen, the paper focused on people who “have made names for themselves outside of Washington, D.C … but could soon be known by all of us.”  In their synopsis of Sen. Massey, The Post cited his winning his currently held position, which was formerly a Democratic seat, in a 2007 special election and his current membership on the Senate’s GOP whip team.  In their conclusion, The Post stated, “What’s clear: He doesn’t lack ambition.”

In speaking with The Advertiser about this honor, Sen. Massey said, “It’s pretty cool.”  He went on to say, “It’s nice to be recognized,” and added, “It’s really a testament to my education in Edgefield County and all the great people around me who have made me what I am.”   Sen. Massey said he is grateful that people believe in him enough to allow him to continue to serve.  As for that “ambition” The Post noted, Sen. Massey said he has no desire to head to Washington anytime soon.