Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

False Report of Kidnapping and Armed Robbery Leads to Other Charges

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received a report of a carjacking and armed robbery Monday, June 9. The complainant, 27 year old Andrew Bartley Whitlock, of Augusta, GA, called 911 from his cell phone from a location on Republican Road to report the incident. According to an ECSO report, once located on Republican Road, Whitlock told deputies he had been driving on Edgefield Road when he observed a man on the side of the highway. Whitlock said he stopped to see if the man needed a ride at which time the man produced a small gun, got into Whitlock’s car, and ordered Whitlock to drive. Whitlock stated he and the carjacker drove down several back roads, turning multiple times, before the carjacker let him out on Republican Road. The carjacker then left the area in Whitlock’s 2003 silver Honda Civic 2 door low rider. The carjacker was described by Whitlock as being a black male wearing a black long sleeved t-shirt, black pants, black gloves, a black ski mask, and black shoes and was said to be in possession of a black duffle bag and a small black gun. After being interviewed by law enforcement, Whitlock was picked up by his mother and returned home.

Later that same day, the ECSO responded to dirt road on Republican Road in reference to a brush fire. Upon arrival to the scene, it was discovered that a small vehicle was on fire and had caught some of the surrounding area on fire as well. Using the vin number from the vehicle, the burning car was identified as being the one reported stolen earlier in the day in the aforementioned carjacking.

After an investigation into these matters, Whitlock was confronted with information gathered. He then admitted to law enforcement that he had never been kidnapped or carjacked; the story was an elaborate scheme to collect insurance money. Whitlock explained that he wanted to get our of his current loan for the vehicle, which the ECSO’s investigation had determined Whitlock had recently renewed, and planned to use the insurance money to pay off the loan and other accrued debts.

Whitlock was charged with filing a false police report and burning personal property to defraud an insurance company.

Two Suspects Caught Red Handed in Attempted Burglary

Two suspects were caught red handed, Tuesday, June 10, in an attempted burglary according to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report. The report details how a resident of Cheves Creek Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) was sitting on his back porch when he heard what he initially thought to be the meter man pull on onto his property. However, upon looking, the man saw a black truck parked near a shed on his property. The man stated he walked down to the shed and observed two white males standing behind his bass boat attempting to steal its battery. When he confronted the two, they ran to the truck and fled the scene. However, the man was able to get the tag number from the fleeing truck which was traced back to a 1996 Dodge Dakota pickup truck. That truck was later found that same day at a residence on Mealing Drive in North Augusta (Edgefield County). Two possible suspects were also located there, and through investigations, the two suspects, one of whom was a juvenile, were arrested for Burglary 3rd and simple larceny.

Animals Taken Into Custody

After receiving numerous complaints of loud noise due to barking dogs, the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Officer responded to a residence on Sparrow Lane, Wednesday, June 11. Upon arriving on the scene, three dogs, two mixed breed hunting dogs and a pit bull, were all found tied to trees in the yard. One of the hunting dogs had no shelter, the collar was too tight on the other, and the pit bull had inadequate shelter and sores on its ears. None of the dogs had food, and their water was described as having a greenish tint and being full of bugs. The dogs were taken into custody by the ECSO. There were no charges filed in this matter at this time, but the ECSO did issue a rule to show cause in this matter which simply means the parties involved in this case will have to appear before a magistrate to state their cases in this incident.

$21,000 Stolen From Home on Waters Edge Drive

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office received a call of stolen money from a home on Waters Edge Drive, Wednesday, June 11. According to the ECSO report, the homeowner stated she discovered $21,000 missing from a safe located in a trunk in her bedroom. There was no report of forced entry into the home. Evidence was collected from the scene, and this case is being investigated.