Spring Cleaning – Peachtree 23 Yard Sale – Treasures at a Bargain

Spring Cleaning – Peachtree 23 Yard Sale – Treasures at a Bargain

peachtree23The 1st Saturday of June each year offers a great way to help move or get rid of household items you’ve accumulated over the years. “A great way to start anew,” says Donna Livingston, Administrator for the Edgefield County Chamber of Commerce.

Peachtree 23 Yard Sale – spanning 44 miles – offers various ways to hold a yard sale. Get a group together, have an independent yard sale, or call the individual municipalities to secure a space in their areas. 8 towns participate in this event, which is in its Eighth (8th) year. It just keeps getting bigger and bigger – “Everything you want to find, you can find on the “Peachtree,” says Pat Asbill, former Mayor of Ridge Spring.

Visit the website www.Peachtree23.com for more information.

General information:

  • Start time – depends on the individual, but most start anywhere for 6 to 7 AM. End time – same as start, but most stop around 3 to 4 PM, some earlier, some later.
  • Find/secure a spot on Highway 23 – (get permission from landowner) – setup/sell/cleanup
  • Weather – rain or shine – no rain date
  • Setup/Pricing/Cleanup – showcase your items to help best attract the attention of passers-by. Place valuables in a safe area. Display prices clearly or know prices (be willing to negotiate). Breakdown – leave the area as you found it. Take all leftover items/trash/boxes, etc. with you.
  • Consider donating leftover items to: ECCHO, Goodwill or Salvation Army.


For more information contact Charlotte Cheatham (Edgefield) @ 803-637-4014, Frances Quarles (Johnston) @ 803-275-2488, Pat Asbill (Ridge Spring) @ 803-685-7810 or Donna Livingston @ 803-275-0010 or info@edgefieldcountychamber.org.