Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Break-In on Rainbow Falls Road

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to a break-in at a residence on Rainbow Falls Road, North Augusta (Edgefield County), Sunday, July 6. According to the ECSO report, the homeowner returned to her residence on Sunday to find that the front door, which had not been opened in nearly 20 years, had been forced open. After law enforcement personnel arrived and cleared the scene, it was discovered that a jewelry box had been stolen from the residence. Inside the jewelry box were several pieces of miscellaneous jewelry including a wedding band set that had belonged to the resident‘s mother. The value of the stolen pieces was estimated to be over $2500.

As the ECSO was at the residence processing the scene, a possible witness to the break-in arrived and explained that while he was on a break from a nearby business, he saw a small white car with two black males pull up to the residence. The witness stated that the passenger of the vehicle went to the side of the home and knocked. He then went to the front of the home and it was 10-15 minutes before the witness saw him reappear. The witness stated that then he saw the man come out of the front of the home and that the man was carrying something in his hands. He then observed the man get into the waiting car which left the scene headed in the direction of Edgefield Road. The driver of the car was described as being a young dark skinned black male. The passenger was described as being a light skinned black male around 6’ tall and weighing about 200 lbs.

Possible evidence was collected from this scene, and the investigation into this matter is continuing.

Dogs at Large Accused of Killing Chickens

A resident of Tennessee Walker Lane in Trenton reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Friday, July 4, that some dogs at large had dug under the fence to his chicken pen and killed two of his chickens. The complainant stated he did not see the dogs but said this was the second time dogs had killed his chickens. The homeowner asked the responding deputy to notify the ECSO’s Animal Control Deputy of the incident and requested that a trap be set to catch the dogs. This case had been turned over to the ECSO’s Animal Control.

Wrecker Stolen Form Pendarvis Chevrolet

Sometime between Friday, July 4, and Saturday, July 5, a wrecker from Pendarvis Chevrolet in Edgefield was stolen according to a report filed with the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office. The report details how the thieves came into the storage area of the business, took the lock off the gate, and drove the wrecker from the scene. The 2009 white Chevrolet tow truck with “Pendarvis” written on its sides was listed on the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) which enables other agencies to be notified of its theft.

On Monday, July, 7, the stolen tow truck was recovered by Aiken County authorities from Hamilton Circle in Belvedere. The vehicle was described as being in good condition when found, but its “Pendarvis” logos had been removed. The wrecker was processed for evidence, and then returned to its owner. The investigation into this matter is ongoing.

ECSO and MCSO Respond to Incident Near the County Line

Both the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office and the McCormick County Sheriff’s Office responded to what initially came to the MCSO as a possible home invasion at a residence on White Dansby Road, McCormick (Edgefield County), Saturday, July 5. According the ECSO’s report, the homeowner of the residence was not home at the time of the incident, but her three children, the oldest of whom was listed as 17 years old, were. The woman reported that she received a call from her child stating that someone has just broken into the residence. The woman advised the child to call 911 and that she was on her way to the home.

When deputies arrived, they found everyone safe outside, but it was unknown if there was still anyone in the residence. Law enforcement did enter the home and found no one inside. It was also determined that nothing was taken from the home. However, a back door, which was identified by the children as being the entry point of the perpetrator, was damaged.

The children described for law enforcement how they heard a loud knock and then the breaking of glass coming from the rear of the residence. They stated they saw what was described as a black man wearing all black look into the children’s bedrooms. The man was then seen going into the mother’s bedroom and turning on the light. When he observed no one in that room, the children said the then left the house.

No physical injuries were reported with this incident, and the investigation into this matter continues.