G-Miller-Thompson-2 – By G. Miller Thompson –

As you may have seen advertised last week, the Edgefield County Democratic Party hosted Senator Shane Massey, a Republican, at their Saturday morning gathering. Attending the meeting were several of Edgefield’s most active Democrats and even a few members of the County’s Republican Party. Most in the room knew of my political ideology, but I was pleasantly surprised by the discussion during the meeting. I am proud to say that Edgefield Republicans and Democrats can talk substantively and still be friends after the meeting.

The reason there are two parties is because of the fundamental differences we share in ideology. These differences were obvious during the discourse of the meeting, however debate was respectful and cordial. This background information was necessary to praise the success of Saturday’s event, but what I really want to say starts now.

As I was waiting to speak with the Senator, a gentleman approached me and said, “I have been reading your negative comments about our President in the paper.” Our conversation was pleasant and we shook hands as he departed, but that statement inspired this article.

I do not dispute any “negative” comments I have directed toward the Obama Administration. However, this gentleman’s statement simply is not true. My comments are directed at policy, in this case, the failed policies of President Obama. This is not because of any animosity for the man himself, but rather the fundamental differences between President Obama and myself on various policy issues.

America’s dominant political parties do not agree on most issues. When problems arise, their different interests lead to different solutions. The repulsion many are inclined to feel on the topic of politics stems from the spite the parties subject one another to as a result of these disagreements. Republicans and Democrats are going to disagree, this is inevitable and we should not expect either side to give in to the demands of the other all the time. Rather, we ought to expect this animosity between the two to end.

So there is not confusion as to what my perceived “negative” comments are directed at, I will take an example I have written on previously and elaborate. The greatest policy difference between the President and myself is the role of government. Since President Obama took office, he has significantly expanded the role of government, largely via the Affordable Care Act. The President believes that government is more qualified to administer health care insurance than the private market. Sure, some regulation in the health care industry could have benefitted citizens, but the comprehensive reform Obama has championed is a chaotic mess of thousands of pages of government regulation.

In his 2012 State of the Union address, Obama praised the armed forces and their ability to work together despite personal differences and so forth. “Imagine what we would accomplish,” he continued, “if we followed their example.” A Forbes contributor summed up these words in a way that is sure to make you think, “The President’s vision of the path forward for America is to imagine ourselves as members of a military organization with the American people selflessly following the orders of their superior officers no matter the personal cost up through the chain of command to the President as Commander in Chief.”

I have no issue with Barack H. Obama, I do not know him personally; his policies, however, alarm me. America’s position on the world stage has weakened significantly as Russia laughs in our face, and our debt is growing by tens of thousands of dollars every second. My “negative” comments come as I look to the future and fear for the mess my generation is set to inherit.

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