Teenagers, Philanthropy, and Historic Preservation – WHAT?!

The Watson-Brown Foundation is looking for high school students interested in preserving history and helping the communities of the CSRA for their Junior Board.   The Junior Board is all about historic preservation and philanthropy.  The students spend one evening a month learning about historic preservation, grants, and philanthropy.  In the spring, they award funds to organizations around the CSRA that are involved in preserving historic buildings, cemeteries, and artifacts.  Some of the projects that have been helped by the Junior Board include: the McDuffie Museum, the Robert Toombs House, the McCormick Arts Council, the Warren County Historical Society, and Augusta’s Heritage Academy.   Applications to serve on this Board are accepted until September 12th.

The Junior Board was formed in 2000.  It was honored in 2011 with the Augusta Arts Council Patron’s Award.  To date, the Watson-Brown Foundation Junior Board in Thomson has awarded more than $350,000 to projects around the CSRA.