Clemson 7th Among Top 25 Football Schools in Sustainability Efforts

Clemson 7th Among Top 25 Football Schools in Sustainability Efforts

CLEMSON, S.C. – Clemson University is ranked seventh among top college football schools in its sustainability efforts by the website ranked the universities in the Associated Press’s top 25 college football poll based on their commitment to being green.

Clemson was ranked for its 11 active green organizations, 42.5 percent waste diversion, number of environmental studies degrees offered, 13 LEED-certified buildings with the requirement that all new buildings meet at least silver LEED certification and spending 35 percent of the meals budget on locally grown and organic food.

There are also green initiatives specific to football and tailgating. During the 2013 football season, Clemson recycled 123,604 pounds of waste. Volunteers pass out recycling bags before each game and collect trash and recyclables after the game.

“Being a part of something as incredible as the Clemson football game-day tradition is awesome,” said Dave VanDeventer, Clemson recycling director and chairman of the Solid Green Committee.

“Clemson University is in the forefront of sustainability when it comes to greening our football games. Each year we continue to grow and expand our recycling efforts around the game-day experience. In addition to the bags that are passed out at the games for recycling there are more than 400 recycling bins in and around the stadium. Since 2011 we have increased our recycled material by more than 33 percent and expect it to go up again for 2014.”

– Blake Bachara, Class of 2015