Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Utility Trailer Loaded With Lawn Care Equipment Stolen

A utility trailer loaded with lawn care equipment was reported stolen to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Tuesday, Sept. 9. According to the ECSO report, the trailer was taken from behind its location at a residence on West Five Notch Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County). On the trailer were two zero-turn riding lawn mowers, two pesticide backpack sprayers, several gas cans, a chain saw, and various tools. In all, the stolen items, including the trailer, were estimated to be worth over $10,000. The owner of the trailer was able to provide pictures of it to law enforcement, and this case has been forwarded to the investigative unit of the ECSO.

Man Arrested After Firing Assault Rifle at Another Man

An Edgefield County man was arrested Tuesday, Sept. 9, after he fired an assault rifle at another man. According an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report regarding the matter, a hunter pulling a trailer with seed for deer plots was entering his hunting property which borders a residence on Cogburn Lane. The man reported that as he turned onto the hunting property, several dogs began running beside his truck. One of the dogs was ultimately hit by the trailer. The hunter stated that as he got out of his truck to check on the animal, the dog’s owner, the resident of the bordering property, began approaching him yelling and cursing at him for running over his dog. The hunter stated that he repeatedly apologized for the accident, but the dog’s owner remained irate and finally told him to go on about his business, at which point the hunter returned to his truck and went on to his planned spot on the property. The hunter said that as he was later locking the gate to the hunting land to leave and approaching the wood line near the dog’s owner’s property, the dog owner was again yelling and cursing at him . The hunter stated that he initially did not look in the direction of the man but that when he did, he saw the dog’s owner running toward his truck with an assault rifle. The hunter said at that point, he sped up in an attempt to leave the area. The hunter stated upon accelerating, the man began firing his weapon numerous times at the hunter who then sped up even more and left the scene. The hunter then drove to a location down the road and called law enforcement.

The victim in this incident was not injured. The shooter was arrested and charged with animal at large, pointing and presenting a firearm, and discharging a weapon into or at a vehicle. Evidence was collected from the scene of the shooting, and this incident is under investigation by the ECSO.