Energy Policy

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:
Jeff Duncan is touting his energy policy as all-inclusive, but we should follow the money.
The United States’ energy policy must be crafted by legislators who have a vision for the future, not by politicians who have received thousands of dollars from fossil fuel industries and out of state interests that want to keep us dependent on the past. Good jobs are created by clean, renewable energy like wind, solar and passive geothermal. America needs to shift its priorities from subsidies for corporations that drill and burn to investment in the infrastructure of a green economy.
Due to our geological past, South Carolina has no coal, oil or natural gas…either on shore or off. Courting offshore drilling is at best a naive pipedream–seven dry holes were drilled and abandoned on the continental shelf decades ago. At worst it is a dangerous course resulting in extinction of marine life, decimation of our fishing industry and spills on the Grand Strand. South Carolina tourism will collapse if we are not good stewards of our air, water and soil.
I taught science for the majority of my 41-year classroom career. The scientific evidence is overwhelming that global climate change is real and is caused by human activity. Of almost 11,000 peer reviewed studies, over 97% concluded just that.
If you want to change Washington, you need to change your Representative. Politics as usual is not in our best interest. Vote for Barbara Jo Mullis. You have a choice on November 4th.
Barbara Jo Mullis
P.O. Box 296
Fair Play, SC 29643
Candidate for U.S. House in S.C. 3rd Congressional District