History Day Comes to the Heritage Jubilee

History Day Comes to the Heritage Jubilee

The Jubilee starts on September 26 with History Day.  The A.L. Hunley is a great attraction and will be at the PTC parking lot on Friday, Sept. 26.

Already schools from out-of-county and in-county have scheduled visits, and the sponsors are encouraging more schools to send their students for a tour – a one-time opportunity to be seen in one’s hometown.  (Otherwise one has to travel to Charleston to see it.)

Along with the Hunley, Living History will be demonstrated by such artisans as Justin Guy, Ike Carpenter and Jamie Stevens, there at PTC on Friday. The artisans will come to the square on Saturday, where these demonstrations will go on during the day.

Also SC Independent Civil War Reenactors will be “on stage” both days to entertain the crowds with demonstrations of firearms and other armaments.

Cemetery tours will be ongoing both days, Friday and Saturday, times to be announced.  And, it seems that there will be a shoot-out on Saturday, somewhere around 11:00 a.m. and 2:00 p.m.

Heritage equals History, and the Heritage of this area will be addressed in the __ Heritage Jubilee of 2014.