The Turkeys of Edgefield are Coming Back to Roost

The Turkeys of Edgefield are Coming Back to Roost

TurkeysIt has been a few weeks since the turkey statues disappeared from the streets and businesses in downtown Edgefield. However, it didn’t take long for the concerned citizens to find out that the turkeys were in good hands. The National Wild Turkey Federation had the statues pulled and placed in the care of Pamela Moore, a well-respected local artist, for touch-ups and facelifts.

“The NWTF has been a friend of the arts in Edgefield since George Thornton (NWTF CEO) arrived,” said Moore. “George came to us with the idea for the turkey statues and the people absolutely love them.”

Moore has been quite busy as of late, enlisting the help of other local artists, like Susan Pond, to help repaint the turkeys.

Ten Governors, Heritage Corridor, Billy’s Super Store, Turkey Shoppe, Crouch’s Ace Hardware and The Patriot, formerly known as The Monument, received fresh coats of paint and a more durable finish to ensure they withstand the elements.

“We were unsure how the weather would affect the turkeys when we first painted these statues a few years back,” said Moore. “The statues now have a more durable finish allowing the public to appreciate their beauty for years to come.”

New faces on the square include Park Row and The General Store.

The Israel Mukashy Building is also getting a makeover as the soon-to-open Edgefield General Store. This old-fashioned store features an original soda fountain for hand-dipped ice cream, milkshakes and fountain drinks. Wine, beer, frozen casseroles and a variety of gifts are also available.

“We’re excited to open another business in the Edgefield community,” said Thornton, who owns the Edgefield General Store with his wife, Beth. “We’ve loved living here ever since we moved to town six years ago. It’s another way we can give back.”

Pamela Moore studied and obtained her degree in Heidelberg and Mannheim, Germany. While traveling the world working for Lufthansa, she always kept her own independent art studio even while working in other different studios. She later became a master artist for Habersham Fine Furniture, working on roomscapes, murals, furniture and more. After the company decreased paintings to focus on other areas of business, Moore relocated to Edgefield where she works as her own boss and can focus on portrait work.