A Special Thank You

Letter to the Editor

Dear Editor:

My church, The Episcopal Church of the Ridge (including Edgefield, Trenton and Ridge Spring parishes), has The Harvest Food Bank as one of our outreach projects. Each Sunday parishioners donate food items to support this worthy cause.

A couple of years ago, I put an empty box denoting “Donations for the Food Bank” at Linda’s (Murrell) Hairstyling located at 539 Bauskett St. in Edgefield. Every week when I check the box (basket)…there is always a nice large variety of canned goods, etc. for our mission. Linda and Denise MacDonald and their special clients faithfully make sure that this basket is NEVER empty and their kindnesses make many people very grateful and less hungry. Unselfish deeds shown by these folks are genuine and we truly appreciate each and every can. Thanks again.

Beth Byrd
on behalf of the Church of the Ridge and The Reverend Tom DiMarco