Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Strong Armed Robbery on Hwy 378

A convenience store on Hwy 378 West in McCormick (Edgefield County) was the site of a strong armed robbery, Tuesday, Oct. 14. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report, a woman stopped at the store and asked the clerk for directions to Callison Hwy. After getting the directions, the woman then retrieved a drink from the cooler. As the clerk was ringing up the purchase, the woman grabbed the clerk around her neck and demanded the money from the register. The robber then grabbed a handful of twenty dollar bills from the drawer, totaling $200, and fled the scene.

The suspect in this robbery is described as a black female with a medium complexion, standing approximately 5 feet 3 inches tall and having a stout stature. The robber was wearing black pants and a blue shirt and was driving a white unidentified car. She was last seen fleeing the scene of the crime headed towards McCormick.

The ECSO is investing this crime.

Man Attacked in Yard by Dogs at Large

An Edgefield County man was attacked in his yard on Hwy 121 in Johnston, Wednesday, Oct. 15, by a neighbor’s dog. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the incident, the dog got out of his fence and came into the victim’s yard. The dog, described as brown a pit bull, began circling the victim whereupon the man started running from the animal. The dog then jumped up and bit the man on the arm and knocked him to the ground. The dog’s owner then came onto the scene and retrieved the dog, placing it inside her home.

When questioned about the incident by responding law enforcement, the owner of the dog did admit that the dog got out of its enclosure but stated it would not have attacked the man had he not run. However, law enforcement explained to the dog owner that it is her responsibility to keep her animal on her property. As a result of this failure, she was issue an animal at large ticket.

The victim in this case refused medical treatment at the scene. Additionally, the dog’s owner was unable to provide shot records for the animal at the time of the incident. The information from this incident has been forwarded to the Department of Health and Environmental Control (DHEC) as well as to the animal control unit of the ECSO.

Car Wreck in Aiken County Leads to Discovery of Shoplifter

North Augusta Public Safety responded to a car accident Wednesday, Oct. 15, on Bergen Road in North Augusta and found a passenger involved in the accident carry shoplifted items from a convenience store in Edgefield County.  According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on this incident, the woman had 4 packs of Reece’s Cups in her waistband.  Surveillance video from the Greg’s Gas Plus on West Martintown Road showed the woman had stolen the candy from the store shortly before the accident.  The woman, who was transported to Georgia Regents Hospital for treatment of injuries sustained in the car accident, will be charged with shoplifting.

Threats Made in Magistrate Court Net Six Months in Jail

An Edgefield County man appearing before a judge in magistrate court at the Edgefield County Court House, Thursday, Oct. 16, was charged with contempt of court and sentenced to six months in jail after a courtroom outburst.  An Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report details that while appearing before the judge the subject became verbally irate and belligerent towards the judge and everyone else in the courtroom.  The man was escorted from the scene to another room inside the courthouse by an ECSO deputy.  The subject continued to be irate and made threats to the law enforcement officer escorting him.  The man was eventually calmed down, however, and led back into the courtroom for his sentencing.  Along with the contempt of court charge, the man will also be charged with threatening a public official for the threats he made to the officer.  After his sentencing, the subject was transported to the Edgefield County Detention Center without further incident.