Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Dog Stolen in Edgefield

An Edgefield County man reported his dog stolen to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office, Thursday, Oct. 23. According to the ECSO report, the man went out to feed his dog Thursday morning and found the dog was gone. The dog was reportedly kept on a chain from which it was incapable of freeing itself. The victim believes someone came onto his property during the night and stole the canine. The dog, who was wearing an orange collar when last seen, is described as an 11 week old blue/brindle pit bull with one blue eye and one gray eye.

Firearm Stolen in Auto B&E on Currytown Road

A Remington 12 gauge pump action shotgun was stolen from a vehicle on Currytown Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) in an auto break-in, Thursday, Oct, 23. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office on the matter, a resident of the aforementioned road heard the alarm sounding on one of his vehicles and, going out to check on the automobiles, found that his white 2006 Ford Escape had been broken into. The missing fireman had been lying on the floor board of the Escape. Additionally, the vehicle’s driver side door had been left unlocked.

This scene was processed for evidence by the ECSO.

Two Auto Break-ins on Coronet Drive

The Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office responded to two reports on automobiles being broken into within two days on Cornet Drive in North Augusta (Edgefield County). The first report came on Tuesday, Oct. 21, in which a resident of the road stated that her 2006 Ford Expedition had been entered and papers pulled from her glove box and center console. However, only about $10 in change was reportedly taken from this vehicle. There was no sign of forced entry, either, as the vehicle had been left unlocked.

In the second incident, another resident of Coronet Drive reported on Wednesday, Oct. 22, that her 2002 Lincoln was broken into. In this case, it is unknown how entry was gained into the vehicle as it was locked. Additionally, no items were taken from the vehicle. The victims in this case did report hearing their dogs barking around 2:30 in the morning, but they did not see anyone outside.

The ECSO is arranging for extra patrol checks of this area.

Two Burglaries and an Attempted Break-in Over Oct. 18 Weekend

Two burglaries and an attempted break-in were reported to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office over the weekend of Oct. 18. According to incident reports filed with the ECSO, on Saturday, Oct. 18, a residence on Stephens Road in North Augusta (Edgefield County) was reported to have been burglarized. Thieves entered the residence through the front door causing an estimated $300 worth of damage and stole a 55 inch television set and a television stand. Also on Saturday, a home on Franklin Road in Johnston was reported to have been the site of a burglary. In this instance, thieves entered the home through a side entrance and tore part of the door frame off resulting in approximately $100 worth of damage. The thieves then stole two cast iron heaters, a Snapper push lawn mower, and a 55 gallon metal drum containing scrap metal.

On Sunday, the ECSO received a report of an attempted break-in to a home on Pleasant Lane Extension in North Augusta (Edgefield County). In this case, the homeowner stated that upon returning home from work on the day prior, he found where an apparent attempt to gain entry into his home had been made at his back door. That door’s frame sustained damaged from an unknown object, however, the culprits were unable to gain access to the home. The victim in this case requested that the ECSO make additional patrol checks of this area.