Edgefield County Council Chairman’s Update

October 3, 2014
Comprehensive Plan on Tap for County Council
It probably doesn’t sound like a very sexy topic, but the Comprehensive Plan is about to be discussed by County Council at Tuesday night’s meeting. The County Council is scheduled to hold first reading at its November meeting.
The Comprehensive Plan is a state-mandated, County-related inventory of seven categories, plus a look at goals that cities or counties might want to accomplish in those areas. Every 5 years, we are required to review/update the Plan. First, it goes through the Planning Commission, which has been done. Now, it comes to Council.
The seven categories cover statistical information and inventory on community facilities, economic development, housing, cultural resources, natural resources, population and land use. It also discusses objectives in these areas we might want to accomplish in the next 5 years or so and which entities should be responsible.
While the Comprehensive Plan doesn’t set changes in stone, the information is folded into the planning process for Council and County staff, along with our Strategic Plan and other information we gather on every topic. I believe it’s critical to constantly look forward and make plans, but we also have to be flexible as things change that none of us expect or can predict.
Most important: Planning does no good for the County or our citizens if we don’t use it as a guideline for growth and development for our County while providing needed services to citizens.
I encourage you to view it at the County’s website and offer your opinion on what it says.
I look forward to County Council reviewing this Plan on Tuesday; I urge you to do the same.
Last Chance to give to the Veteran Assistance Fundraising Project
There’s still time to give to this year’s Chairman’s Community Project to bring money and attention to military veterans. And thanks to those who have given so far!
All our veterans are important to our country, our state and our communities, but many are in need of assistance. There are many projects, such as Wounded Warrior and State War Veterans Homes, which are among the ways veterans and families can receive help.
The funds raised through the Chairman’s Community Project, which come only from public donations, will be divided between local American Legion posts in Edgefield and Johnston. These American Legion posts, in turn, will invest all the funds raised into the veterans-assistance programs that they support.
For those who want to contribute to this year’s fundraising Project, monetary donations should be mailed to the Johnston American Legion Post 154, P.O. Box 327, Johnston, SC 29832. Proceeds will be split between the Legion Posts.
Thanks for making a difference!
Until next time,
Dean Campbell