Tour Strom Thurmond Career and Technology Center

You may have seen articles,  in the local news, highlighting the advancements being made at the  Strom Thurmond Career and Technology Center under the leadership of Arthur Northrup.  If you have never toured or if it has been a while since you visited the center here is your opportunity.  Having recently toured the facility and coming away very impressed with the programs offered, a tour has been scheduled for next  Tuesday – November 18th at 8:30 a.m.
Many of you may not be aware of the recent changes in the focus for education in our State and the nation.  More emphasis is being placed on career and technical education for those whose interests differ from ones seeking  four year degree programs.  At the same time, programs are setup with dual classes, which offer students opportunities to earn college credits and work keys certification which prepare the students to enter the job market right out of high school.  Programs are also partnering with local businesses for training.  It is very exciting to see the advances being made in the educational process which prepare students for employment including the industries in the area.  These programs provide a major benefit to our students, local business, industries and our economic development.  Great things are happening in our area and we should encourage and support these advances.  Through these programs, students learn the importance of positive work ethic skills which are necessary and often desired by industries looking to hire,  
If you are interested in taking this opportunity offered through the combined efforts of the Edgefield County Alliance and Mr. Arthur Northrup, please RSVP to Linda Anderson –  or 803-279-4138 as soon as possible.
The tour will be  next Tuesday – November 18th at 8:30 a.m.   Strom Thurmond Career and Technology Center –  17 Par Drive, Johnston, SC  –  Meet at the School at 8:30 a.m. for tour.