Crime Blotter

Crime Blotter

Break-ins at Bantam and Pond Lanes in Johnston

On Wednesday, Dec. 3, break-ins occurred at two separate residences in Johnston; one at a Bantam Lane home and the other at a home on Pond Lane. In the incident at the Bantam Lane residence, the home owner returned home to find the familiar entry mode of kicking in the front door had been used by thieves to gain entry into his home according to the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office report on the crime. Once inside the home, the owner found that a small silver pistol with a black grip, a silver watch, and a Shriner’s plaque bearing the man’s name were stolen from his bedroom. The missing items as well as the damage to the door of the home were listed as being worth nearly $500.

Regarding the break-in at Pond Lane, the ECSO report stated that thieves pried their way into the residence. Once inside, they stole a flat screen television and dvd player. The report also noted that this is the second time this home has been burglarized. The scene was processed for evidence.

Both of these crimes are being investigated by the ECSO.

Two Employees of Ridge Recyclers Fired for Stealing Tires

Two employees with Ridge Recyclers, Inc. of Johnston were terminated after it was discovered they stole tires from the business. According to an Edgefield County Sheriff’ Office report on the matter, a tracking system that monitors the business’ vehicles showed a suspicious stop made by the two employees at Holmes Pond Road on Dec. 2. When confronted by the their boss, the pair did admit to stopping at the aforementioned locale and unloading 40-50 tires. The tires were estimated to be worth $8 each. This case has been forwarded to the investigative unit of the ECSO.