Substitute Teacher Brings Gun to MES, Fired and Arrested

A substitute teacher at Merriwether Elementary School was terminated from her position with the Edgefield County School District, Tuesday, Dec. 9, after she brought a gun onto school property. According to published reports, the gun was found in a faculty bathroom by another teacher. The gun was loaded with four rounds.

The substitute teacher, who was described as a “long term” employee of the school district, was arrested by the Edgefield County Sheriff’s Office. She has been charged with having a weapon on school property and disturbing a school.

The Advertiser has made attempts to speak with Edgefield School Superintendent Greg Anderson about this incident, but he has not yet returned our call. However, he was quoted in other media outlets as saying that he has been told the teacher in question was “a wonderful lady”, and he called the situation “a bad set of circumstances.” The school district sent home a letter with MES students on Tuesday making parents aware of the situation.